Why Me?

I’ve never been that great at describing myself. I can ROCK an interview –giving examples of how I have a handle on time management, how to prioritize my day, how I’ve dealt with difficult customers, or how I’m ridiculously organized… my google calendar is color-coded for goodness sake — until someone says “so tell me … More Why Me?

Hilt Family

Merry Christmas from the Hilt Family! I have had the pleasure of knowing Cassie since she was younger because she is  good friend of my sister. They both went to grade school together and now live down the street from each other! Cassie has an adorable family. And I most definitely need to get clothing style ideas … More Hilt Family

Flynn & Myles

Laura and I have known each other since high-school. We unfortunately fell out of touch after that, but recently reconnected. I was so honored when she asked me to take photos of her two kids. Flynn and Myles were so cute with each other!  Myles even ran up to me a few times and wanted … More Flynn & Myles


Alessandra is my niece by friendship. Her mom Monica and I have been friends since before Al was born. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow up and have her calling me “Auntie Megan.”  We had so much fun taking photos! She was very patient with me when it came to experimenting with my … More Alessandra

Baylee & Lily

I’m a little biased, of course, but my two nieces are adorable. And these photos do not even do justice. This was my first real photo shoot with my camera, and I couldn’t have asked for cuter kids to start off with.  Shooting in low light with a toddler running around definitely had it’s challenges, … More Baylee & Lily