Baylee & Lily

I’m a little biased, of course, but my two nieces are adorable. And these photos do not even do justice. This was my first real photo shoot with my camera, and I couldn’t have asked for cuter kids to start off with.  Shooting in low light with a toddler running around definitely had it’s challenges, but I’m slowly learning and loving every minute of it.

My favorite part of this shoot was when Baylee found my remote for my fairy lights laying in the grass and immediately put it to her hear and said “hello??” And of course she ran over to Lily and put the “phone” to her ear, “Hello? Hello?” It was the cutest moment that I almost didn’t capture because I was watching them thinking how cute they were, but I was able to capture some photos.

I hope my sister understands that I will be “stealing” her kids from time to time to take photos of them. 😀

“New phone, who dis?”
“Mom fell, so let’s laugh.”




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