November POTM: Fall Colors



Last month I decided to join the Kenosha Photography Club. The president of the club was in one of my photography classes at Parkside and invited us to come check it out. My nervousness almost got the better of me and I almost didn’t go last month. But I’m happy that I did. The club only meets once a month, so it isn’t very time consuming. I want to try and surround myself with other photographers in order to learn from them. Some of the members have been in the club for years, so I was a little intimidated.  I took a stab at submitting for photo of the month (POTM) for the November meeting, not expecting to place. As all the votes were tallied up, I started to get really nervous. I am a very anxious person and my nerves get the better of my on most days. I was near sweating! And anyone who knows me knows that I wear my nerves on my face. I get very flush in the face. I can’t help it. It’s just something that happens.

To my surprise though – I WON FIRST PLACE!!!! There were 12 submissions* from members (& no you cannot vote for yourself.) I was honestly very surprised. I didn’t expect to place at all – there were some beautiful submissions!

I am excited to be able to be surrounded by a group of talented photographers. Even if we only meet once a month, it will keep me on my toes and keep taking fresh photos to submit for the next POTM.

December’s Theme: Red & Green.

*To view other’s submissions, click here.

*To view other POTM posts: click here.

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