December POTM: Green & Red

This time around was most definitely a challenge. I had ideas of what I wanted to do, but I either found an excuse as to why I couldn’t go out and take photos (I mean, it *IS* winter in Wisconsin), or I truly didn’t have the time. And if I DID have the time, it gets dark out before I have lunch soooo… There’s that.

Can you tell I just love winter?

I do enjoy winter. Don’t get me wrong. I think the first few hours after it snows is absolutely gorgeous. But along with snow comes crazy drives, too much salt, not enough daylight, and, eventually, grey ugly snow.

Before leaving to go to the grocery store one day before the snow got bad, I saw that our bush outside our house looked beautiful with the snow on it. Admitedly, I had no intention of doing anything with the photo other than sending it to my mother, who would love a photo of dog poo if I sent it to her (bless her soul), but I ended up really liking the photo. I took this with my phone. I won second place!


We also had a bonus round of submitting our favorite photo of 2017. This was taken on top of Lookout Mountain in Colorado. I did not place for this photo, but I’m still damn proud of it! I also want to go back to Colorado badly!


January’s Challenge: Frozen Water.


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