February POTM: Animals & Pets

I was in a little bit of a dry spell. I hadn’t taken any photos since December. It was cold. I don’t always like winter scenes. To be more specific: I don’t like *DEAD* winter scenes. Freshly fallen snow scenes are gorgeous; however, we have had a pretty mild winter here in the Midwest. My photo opportunities were limited. Sure I could have done something creative, but winter is just not my favorite time of year.  I think we all get a little “homebody-ish” when it is cold out. I stayed indoors. I started running more which kept me inside and away from Photography.

Our challenge was was to get a photo of an animal or pet. Well considering that I don’t have a pet, and I didn’t like being outside, I was going to sit this challenge out. As much as I love looking at winter photography outdoors, it wasn’t something I delved in.

That being said, I do bring my camera everywhere that I go – feasibly, obviously. I was babysitting my nieces one day with my mom while my sister and brother-in-law were gone. I always bring my camera to their house because my nieces are my world. And, although probably biased, they are the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. So I am always camera ready.  Well, they both decided to take a nap at the same time. I had told my mom what our challenge was for photo group. So I took some photos of the two dogs.  I ended up using one of the photos in the challenge. I won 2nd!


This is Nyla. She is a Golden Doodle. And a total diva. She knew I was taking her photo.

March Challenge: Portable Object


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