March POTM: Portable Subject

This challenge was a particular special one for me. As soon as the challenge was announced, I knew what I wanted to do: a sunrise photo with my Grandma’s ring.  I love this ring. And I get so many compliments on it.

portablesubject_megan (1).JPG

My Grandpa bought this for my Grandma when they were vacationing in Greece… when MY MOM was in high-school! My Grandma passed in 2005 (my Grandpa in 2007), and I’ve always felt such an honor to be able to have this of hers. I still miss her very much. People will always tell you “time heals all wounds” because they do not know what else to tell someone when a death happens in the family. And I get that. I understand. I’m not here to criticize others when they are trying to help. But the truth is, time doesn’t really heal you. You learn to cope. You learn to “deal with it.” I cry when I watch medical shows when people flat line. I cry when I see cardinals. I cry when I think about the day she and my grandpa passed away.  But at those moments I feel the saddest, I remember all the good times we had with them.

So, I wanted to take this in her memory. It was freezing the day I took it: 24 degrees, but with nearly 20 mph winds. But because I waited until the last day to take the photo, I had to tough it out. My hands were shaking from the cold. I was nervous my ring was going to blow away. (It didn’t.) I didn’t even have time to edit it this before submitting it. So this is straight out of camera. (With the exception of RAW –> JPEG. Ha.)

I love how it turned out. My photo tied for 3rd.


April Challenge: Black & White Landscape

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